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Coverages We Offer

Workers Compensation
Occupational Accident
Professional Employer Organization


Specialize in hard to place risks and alternatives to traditional plans that are often more cost effective with more comprehensive coverage.

Workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation law is governed by statutes in every state. Specific laws vary with each jurisdiction, but key features are consistent. An employee is automatically entitled to receive certain benefits when he or she suffers an occupational disease or accidental personal injury arising out of and in the course of employment.

A critical difference between Worker’s Comp coverage and Occupational Accident policies is that under
Worker’s Comp Medical Expenses are unlimited regardless of how many years the recovery and/or rehabilitation might take. Occ Acc has a specified Annual Limit for Medical Expenses.

What you can expect from our Workers Compensation Market

  • A Rated Markets
  • Alternative Markets
  • Deductible Options, SIR’s, Retros
  • Premium Financing, Monthly Reporting
  • Pay As You Go Options
  • Subject to per State Minimum Premium and/or Number of Employees.

Occupational Accident Coverage

Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance pays benefits for injuries sustained in a covered accident. The accident must be during the course of work and is crucial in the trucking industry, which depends heavily on owner-operators who own their own rigs and lease their services to motor carriers

Covers: Owner Operators-Co-Drivers-Contract-Drivers – Schedule Co-Drivers – Team Drivers.

What you can expect from our Occ / Acc Market

  • A Rated markets
  • Plan Options with $1,000,000 & $2,000,000 Annual Aggregate
  • Available to individuals & groups (fleets)
  • Contingent Liability (Work Comp)
  • Simple Online  Apps Available
  • Direct Bill to Driver or Trucking Firm

Professional Employer Organization

A PEO is simply a relationship in which you select a provider to become your dedicated HR management and benefits administration partner, and deliver a broad range of HR services through a “co-employment” model.

What you can expect from our PEO Market

  • No upfront premium, premium deposit.
  • No final audit premiums.
  • Pay as you go
  • Fast and easy start-up
  • Eliminate the need for State Pools or State Fund
  • We do the work – you choose the solution
  • Competitive commissions