What is Physical Damage Insurance

The dangers of the road are not always collision from another vehicle, and to a trucker these threats can steal the vehicle that provides for their families if we are not covered. While Auto liability will cover incidents involving a collision with another vehicle Physical Damage takes care of other common dangers. Threats that Physical Damage can cover include: fire, rain, ice, wind, and other environmental damages. Trucks are susceptible to these hazards more then any other car due to their size and weight. Nothing is worse then having a truck roll over due to high winds and find that your clients liability coverage will not cover them. That is why they need Physical Damage. If your client drives a vehicle, and depends on that vehicle, they need Physical Damage insurance.

Specified Perils:

  • This covered the perils named in the policy only. Often referred to as Combined Additional Perils (CAC)

What you can expect from our Physical Damage Markets

  • A Rated Markets
  • Comprehensive & Collisions
  • Deductible Options  Per Vehicle or Per Occurrence
  • Admitted & Non-Admitted Markets
  • Scheduled and Composite Policies
  • Catastrophe Limits Available
  • Towing & Storage Limit in or in addition to the limits on declarations
  • Large Deductible & Annual Aggregate and other Deductible options available
  • Monthly Reporting for qualified risks
  • Premium Financing